FAQs About HighGrade Labs and Covid-19 Restrictions

Are you still taking orders?

We’re taking on orders as usual.

Should I expect delivery delays?

There may be delivery delays for some countries and services. Please follow your provided tracking number for all updates. 

How long is it taking for orders to be processed?

We’ve recently seen a massive increase in the demand for our products. Don’t worry; we are working hard to get all orders dispatched as quickly as possible. Please keep checking your tracking for updates. 

Is international shipping impacted because of the coronavirus pandemic?

We are still operating to our normal delivery schedule; however, there may be delivery delays to some countries. 

How can I contact Customer Services?

Customer Service will still be operating as usual. They are here to answer any of your queries on all our social media and email contact form. It’s a little busy at the moment so please bear with us.