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Can customers send your products to be tested?

Yes! At High-Grade Labs, we stand by the top quality products we have. We encourage our customers to get their products tested by impartial third-party labs. Tests can include: HPLC, Maldimass, AAA and Mass spec.

Form of the Peptides:

Lyophilized powder in bottles.

How to store peptides?

Keep in a dry, cool place away from any direct sunlight.

Peptide appearance:

All peptides will come in a large variety of sizes and shapes. The powder can sometimes break up during transit, and this is completely normal. It does NOT affect the quality of the product.

Can I please have my products sent to me discreetly?

At High-Grade Labs, we take privacy seriously. We send all parcels with no indications of the content.

How long until my order will arrive?

We will be sending your request out within 24 hrs of the payment confirmation.
But all orders made on the weekend will be shipped on the next following working day.

How do I pay for my order?