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FOX04-DRI Nasal Spray


FOXO4-DRI is the most potent senolytic currently under investigation. It can help seniors live longer and even lessen the effects of dementia if given to them.

Molar mass: 5358.05
Formula: C228H388N86O64

25ml Contains FOXO4-DRI 20mg
15ml Contains FOXO4-DRI 10mg

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FOX04-DRI Nasal Spray

To stop the p53 gene from communicating with other genes, Foxo4dri works by triggering cell death in senescent cells. If further research can prove that this peptide reduces the creation of senescent cells, it could lead to a longer and healthier life.

What are senescent cells?

More of your cells enter a senescent state as you age, meaning they no longer divide or support the tissues to which they belong. For example, neighbouring cells become senescent due to the toxic chemical signals emitted by these ageing cells.

Because of this, tissues function degrades, inflammation is elevated, and cancer risk goes up.

FOXO4 has been shown in studies to decrease the level of these harmful cells. In addition, the FOXO4 hormone peptide can find and destroy cancerous cells when given in sufficient quantities.

Molar mass: 5358.05
Formula: C228H388N86O64

Storage: 4˚C or below for a period of up to 3 months.

Fox 04 DRI HPLC Certificates Highgrade

Disclaimer: All products provided by High-Grade Labs and or listed on this website are intended for medical research purposes only.
No product supplied by High-Grade Labs is intended for human consumption or to be used as a drug, stimulant or supplement.


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15ml, 25ml

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