Grow Muscle, Fight Fat, and Boost Fertility with Follistatin. Follistatin.

In the world of bodybuilding, folisstatin is something of a closely guarded secret. A follistatin complement can boost muscle growth by up to 200 basis points, help you shed body fat, and enhance your fertility, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, according to the limited human research that has been done on the topic. The science surrounding this valuable protein is still in its infancy.

Your body is capable of producing its own follistatin. It is a protein that is activated when you work out, and it plays a crucial part in assisting your muscles in becoming stronger as a result of your workouts. You can get considerably faster effects from your workouts at the gym if you carefully regulate your follistatin levels and increase them either naturally or with a supplement. This can be done either way.

Find out all you need to know about follistatin, including how it works, how to raise your levels, and the most effective follistatin pills, in the following guide.

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How follistatin can help you grow muscle while also reducing body fat

Have you ever seen a Belgian Blue bull? They are enormous and rippling with muscle all over their bodies. Because of a genetic abnormality that reduces the amount of a protein called myostatin in their bodies, Belgian Blues are able to build muscle and burn fat at an astonishing pace. Myostatin is a protein that is present in humans as well, and it inhibits the development of muscle in people in the same way as it does in Belgian Blues. Myostatin levels that are high prevent your muscles from regenerating themselves [1, 2].

On the other hand, if you can inhibit myostatin’s activity, your muscles will expand very quickly. You’ll see significant improvements in both your strength and your muscular size [1] [3].

Follistatin is used to treat this condition. It inhibits myostatin, which promotes fast muscle growth by acting as a mimic for the naturally occurring substance found in Belgian Blues[4].

Follistatin is also effective in blocking activins, which are substances that, in excessive amounts, can cause your metabolism to slow down and cause damage to your reproductive system [5]. You may improve your fertility and boost the amount of fat you burn by inhibiting activins with the supplement follistatin.

That is the way that it operates. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the advantages of boosting this protein.

The advantages that follistatin possesses

Folistatin is helpful in the process of gaining muscle.

In a trial that was conducted in 2014, healthy adults lifted weights while also taking either follistatin or a placebo pill orally for a period of eight weeks. Follistatin inhibited myostatin production by 44%, which resulted in a 300% increase in muscle mass [6].

In yet another study, researchers discovered that giving patients injections of epicatechin, a chemical that increases follistatin levels, resulted in an increase in people’s strength after just one week [3].

Due to the fact that follistatin is still in its infancy, there have been no additional human research that utilise it. However, there is a significant amount of study with animals. Even when the rats consume a diet that is designed to cause them to accumulate fat, giving them follistatin causes them to shed fat and increases the amount of muscle they gain [7]. In addition to this, it promotes the growth of muscle and strength in monkeys [8].

It is important to note that taking follistatin will not result in you gaining an abnormally large amount of muscle like those animals. Even after the effects of the follistatin have worn off, your body will continue to generate myostatin. However, it appears that utilising it in a targeted manner in conjunction with a training regimen is a formula for quick gains in muscle mass.

Branched-chain amino acids: what are they and do they help build and repair muscle? is an article that discusses this topic in more detail.

Folistatin could be able to assist you in burning fat.

There has not been sufficient study conducted on humans about follistatin and fat burning. However, two studies have discovered that administering follistatin to mice not only causes them to burn more fat but also causes their fat cells to shrink, and this occurs even when the mice are fed a diet that is designed to cause them to gain weight [9], [7].

It’s possible that folic acid might boost fertility in both men and women.

It is not totally apparent how follistatin impacts fertility; nevertheless, emerging research shows that high levels might make you more fertile. [Citation needed]

Follistatin is able to block activins, which are molecules that lead to the ageing of reproductive tissue and gradually increase as one ages [5]. A healthy pregnancy and delivery are both supported by high levels of follistatin [10], and hormone treatment during menopause can recover low levels of follistatin, which helps alleviate a number of the uncomfortable side effects of menopause [11].

Although high-quality sperm has a high concentration of follistatin[12],[13], there is not enough study to determine whether or not an increase in follistatin levels enhances a man’s fertility.

Even while the study on this topic isn’t quite as conclusive as the research on follistatin and muscle growth, it’s still likely that improving this factor might make you more fertile.

The natural means through which follistatin levels can be raised

Alterations to your lifestyle or taking a supplement are the two approaches you may take if you want to raise your follistatin levels.

It is recommended that you take follistatin in the form of an injection (see below). If the thought of that makes you uncomfortable, you can enhance your follistatin levels in a natural way by using the methods provided.

Train when you are without food.

Myostatin may be reduced with exercise, which allows for increased muscle growth[11]. Follistatin levels can be increased naturally through exercise, particularly strength training. That comes as no surprise.

Combining weight training with cyclical periods of fasting can provide an additional increase in follistatin levels. [14] Follistatin levels rose significantly in males who were otherwise healthy and exercised while in a fasted condition (without eating).

Eat fertilised egg yolks

Although it may put you off, this practise is completely risk-free and extremely beneficial to your health. Eggs that have been fertilised have a significant amount of follistatin. People who consumed an extract made from fertilised eggs saw a threefold increase in the amount of muscle they gained in a period of eight weeks [6].

Eat more foods rich in epicatechins.

Epicatechin is an antioxidant that raises the amounts of follistatin in your body [3]. There is a wide variety of foods that contain epicatechin, including the following:

In order to raise your follistatin levels, you should incorporate the following items into your diet.

Follistatin supplements

Consuming a supplement is by far the most effective method for elevating follistatin levels. The fact that it must be injected into your body is a drawback.

On the internet, you may get follistatin powder that has been refined. It may be purchased legally, and there does not appear to be any significant negative consequences associated with using it. Having said that, you need to ensure that you inject it in the precise manner. Be careful to rehydrate the follistatin with bacteriostatic water, and then inject it straight into your muscle using a sterile syringe. This should be done as soon as possible. You can discover tips on how to inject oneself on the internet; but, if the thought of doing so makes you anxious, you may talk to a medical professional, a nurse, or another someone who has received injection training instead.

There is no established dosage for follistatin; however, based on the study that was referenced in this page as well as on anecdotal evidence, a dose range of 100-300 micrograms seems to be effective.

When it comes to biohacking, this is one of the most unproven dietary supplements. It is still fairly new, and it involves the use of a needle, but it appears to have a great deal of potential for promoting muscle growth. Experiment with it at your own peril, and if you want to inject it yourself, be sure you are well aware of what you are doing. Always practise responsible biohacking.

And if you feel that follistatin is a little too out there for you, there is no need for you to lose hope. There are a great many fitness supplements on the market that are effective and do not call for the use of a needle. Choose one (or more than one) of these to speed up your progress in the gym.

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