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Melanotan, in and of itself!

Melanotan is a peptide that is used in cosmetics that encourages the body’s natural synthesis of melanin to increase. The pigment melanin is responsible for much of the variation in human skin tone. Because it is a brown pigment, when exposed to UV radiation, the look of the skin changes such that it becomes darker rather than turning red. In most cases, when your skin is subjected to ultraviolet rays (from sources such as the sun or tanning beds), your skin will release melanin as a natural defence mechanism to protect your skin from absorbing an excessive amount of solar radiation. This occurs because melanin acts as a barrier between your skin and the UV rays. This natural defensive mechanism against ultraviolet exposure is what causes tanning, often known as a darkening of the skin. You will get a tan by using melanotan, and at the same time, your body will be protected from the damage that would be caused by the sun. In those who have naturally fair skin, prolonged exposure to UV radiation can cause a variety of serious health issues. Cancer of the skin is one of the most serious complications that might emerge as a result of this procedure. MT-2 is especially helpful for those with fair skin who discover that they cannot tan by spending time in the sun; nonetheless, good cosmetic tanning effects are achieved by people with all skin types when using this product.

MT2 is equipped with the necessary components that will, in a matter of days, deliver each and every one of the outcomes that you have been looking for. Users may expect to obtain a gradual tan that looks very natural with very little time spent in the sun. Users of MT2 do not need to be concerned about their tan streaking or washing off since they get a natural tan that is streak-free, uniformly toned, and golden in colour. The product may be utilised in a quick and uncomplicated manner while yet delivering desirable outcomes.

We carry one different dose technique for Melanotan I and two distinct dosing methods for Melanotan II in our inventory. Melanotan I can only be obtained by injection, which also happens to be the most efficient delivery technique. On the other hand, we also offer the Melanotan II Nose Spray route of administration.
Injection is the most effective approach for delivering peptides to the locations at where they are required to be in order to generate the outcomes that are sought after. Because the nasal passageways have such a low capacity for absorption, the nasal spray approach can only be successful between 30 and 40 percent of the time. This indicates that you will need to use the nasal spray at a rate that is at least two to three times higher than the injection. The molecules in the nasal spray are reportedly too big to be absorbed by the body, which, according to some reports, renders the product utterly useless. Despite the fact that we do not endorse or advocate the use of this approach, we have decided to provide nasal spray in response to the numerous customer requests for it. There is a regular client base that utilises the nasal spray approach, and they are quite pleased with the results. However, we have also had clients who have reported that this technique did not produce the desired outcomes for them. The injection approach and the nasal spray method both have the same adverse effects, with the exception of how the medication is applied and how it is absorbed by the body.


Melanotan I & II are packaged in vials of 10 milligrammes each in a lyophilized (freeze-dried) form, and they will have the appearance of a white powder in one of the following forms: a pellet, tiny pieces, a ball, or powder.

There are many sellers of pre-mixed Melanotan on the internet; however, the vast majority of the time, these pre-mixed vials are not genuine, and purchasing them exposes you to the possibility of contracting an infection or receiving a substance that has lost a significant amount of its effectiveness. It is recommended that all peptides be supplied in a lyophilized form. The lyophilized version is the one that is the most stable and long-lasting.

Melanotan II: A Look Back at Its Origins and Evolution

Researchers working in the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona came up with the idea for Melanotan II. Melanotan II is an analogue of the peptide hormone alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, also known as -MSH. This hormone produces a medicinal tan and has the potential to reduce the risk of melanoma. MSH also plays a vital role in the regulation of sexual stimulation in both men and women. Melanotan II is a derivative of MSH. Melanotan II is recognised for its appetite-suppressing properties and also has the added impact of reducing the amount of fat mass in the body. Melanotan II is a cyclic lactyam analogue of alpha-MSH, and its amino acid is Ac-Nle-cyclo[Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys]-NH2. [MSH] stands for melanotrophic stimulating hormone.

Melanotan II is a member of the Melanocortin family, which is a group of peptide hormones (MCs). Peptides that act as agonists for the melanocortin receptor are known as peptide melanocortins. These protein hormones control a wide variety of physiological processes. Researchers believe that MCs have a role in the sexual function of animals.

In 1998, researchers at the University of Arizona made further advancements to the peptide and created Melanotan II, a self-tanning agent that was much more successful than its predecessor. Melanotan I and Melanotan II are both synthetic hormones of melanocyte stimulating hormone. Melanocyte stimulating hormone is the hormone that causes your skin to darken in colour when it is exposed to sunshine. Melanotan I is a linear, full-length peptide, meaning that it has all 13 amino acids in its structure. Melanotan II is a modified form of the original peptide that is shorter and circular in structure.

After synthesising and screening hundreds of molecules, the research team led by Dr. Victor Hruby discovered a peptide that, based on the results of their clinical trials and testing, appeared not only to be risk-free but also nearly 1,000 times more effective than natural -MSH. They decided to call this newly discovered peptide Melanotan.

In addition to its use as a medication with applications in the beauty industry, the Arizona Cancer Center is doing research on melanotan in the hopes of lowering the incidence of skin cancer. They believe that taking Melanotan will provide persons with fair skin with the preventive benefits of a tan without the risks associated with sun exposure if these people take the supplement. In essence, it might shield individuals from the sun’s harmful rays by giving them a light fake tan, which would reduce the likelihood that they would become sunburned during their normal, day-to-day activities.

Melanotan I has been discovered to be successful in boosting skin pigmentation with little or no danger, according to the research conducted at the Arizona Cancer Center; however, the function that it plays in actually preventing skin cancer has not yet been identified.


It is not against the law to possess or make use of melanotan, or any other peptide for that matter. However, the majority of peptides that are sold in the United States are only allowed to be used for research reasons. This is the case in Europe, the United States of America, and Australia; the situation may be different in other places.

Over the course of the previous ten years, melanotan has been the subject of a great deal of study and testing. Even with all of this work on the Melanotan I and II peptides, the long term negative effects are still unclear, and as a result, the FDA has not authorised the product just yet. Melanotan has not yet been shown to be effective when taken orally; rather, it must first be injected subcutaneously. As long as an effective oral version of melanotan has not yet been discovered, the FDA will never provide its approval for over-the-counter usage of the drug. Melanotan must be delivered using insulin needles. In the event that they do decide to provide their blessing, you will be required to visit the clinic of a cosmetic surgeon in order to have the injections performed.


The subject of whether or not it is feasible to travel while using Melanotan is one that is frequently asked by people who want to go on vacations or backpack around the world.

It is important to remember that transporting melanotan, as described above, is not against the law in many countries; nonetheless, before you do anything more, you should look it up on Google. Needles and sterilised water are two more examples of this.

If you are able to bring all of your materials with you, it is recommended that you make the meal while staying in your hotel or apartment and keep it in a minifridge or another suitable location, as detailed in the following information.

Instead of putting it in your carry-on or cabin bag, you should always stow it in your checked or hold luggage.
You do have a few more choices, though, in the event that you cannot transport everything or that you will be hiking.
To begin, if you want to mix things up at home, you’ll need to be sure to utilise bacteriostatic water because sodium chloride is not at all appropriate for this usage. This should be appropriate for travel to a far wider variety of locations; if questioned, simply explain that the water is standard sterile water, which is legal, rather than bacteriostatic water (illegal).
If the location you are travelling to does not permit the use of melanotan, then your options become somewhat more restricted once more. However, the alternative that is utilised the vast majority of the time is to move the contents of your Melanotan vial into a Vitamin B12 vial. Again, you should verify this information before using B12 injections in any country. In the event that B12 is prohibited, you may look at other options that are comparable.

In the end, you will have to approach this problem through the nose. You should go to a grocery store and pick up a regular nasal mist spray, then prepare it as described below, and pack it away in the carry of your baggage. If they find this, they may examine it, sniff it, spray it, and test it without worrying about the outcome; everything will be OK. Airports do not possess the technology necessary to conduct tests for peptides; instead, they focus on screening passengers for substances such as amphetamines, barbitrates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methadone, methaqualone, and opioids.


Reduced Exposure to UV Rays In comparison to other products, Melanotan II only has to be used with a small amount of time spent outdoors in the sun. This implies that your body will be exposed to less potentially damaging UV rays as a result.
The amount of Melanotan II that you should use will mainly depend on your goals, skin type, and body weight. Melanotan II is flexible in this regard. When you get the desired degree of tanning for your body, all you need to do to keep it that way is apply a few sprays of tanning solution once or twice each week. (Please refer to the directions page for further details on appropriate dosing.)
Even after you stop using Melanotan, your body will continue to have a tan for a significant amount of time, at least four weeks. This feature is referred to as the “durable tan.”
Melanotan 2 Is Used as a Treatment for Weight Loss Because: Burning fat is another benefit of utilising Melanotan II. Melanocortin is an effective method for regulating your body weight; Melanotan II raises insulin sensitivity and promotes the oxidation of fatty acids in the body. Because of this, the fatty acids that were previously found in your body are now gone.